The Gospel of Reason and A Social Carol are great fiction books for young adults.

In a world where the State and Church are one-in-the-same, Arenos talked and walked amongst men to advance the Gospel of Reason.  The Gospel of Reason advances an objective & secular standard of the Good - A Good Beyond God, whether that God is to be a Deity or the State.  Through numerous interactions, Arenos meets individuals & experiences situations testing existing systems of thought & beliefs. From examining political & religious Goods, The Gospel of Reason looks at how some of those Goods are proper, how some are not & why.  

The Classic love story of Cyrano de Bergerac, retold in a modern-day setting - with a twist. A woman is the beloved of two, a man and another woman. The man has the passionate soul, but the woman has exquisite body; each individual is a blend of body and soul. As both try to win her heart, she must decide which blend is the best for her love.

Love knows no gender, and neither does heartbreak.  Each individual has to check and see if they find or lose their soul in the search. 

  The three short-stories of the Justice family, with the additional short-story of Aaron Adamson have been combined into one book: Necessary Means, Opposing Force, Preemptive Strike and Warning. What happens when good people are targeted by those who want to do them harm?-or force them into subservience? Sometimes being passive isn't proper, and action is required.

Sterling Honor

The Justified Trilogy

Sterling Honor and The Justified Trilogy are both realistic fiction books, dealing with modern issues.

The Gospel of Reason

A Social Carol

Liberty is not granted by an Authority, whether God or State

As in 'A Christmas Carol' with Scrooge's transformation, Evan Sanders is to be visited by three spirits to alter his collectivist worldview. Evan wants the people to control businesses and the State to control both for the Greater Good. However, when the spirits show him the worlds he wants and he begins to get what he wanted, Evan finds out that it wasn't what he wanted after all.  

In the old West, Zander is a lone cowboy traveling through a land with conflicting factions. Akecheta Tadoka is a lone Lakota who enters that region. A boy of mixed White and Indian blood gets orphaned, but rescued by Zander; they cannot communicate as the boy speaks Lakota. Akecheta Tadoka cannot speak with others, but comes upon Zander and the boy. Together, they try to save him and survive.

Zander and the Young Medicine Man